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“Their resilience in the difficult weather conditions was so good for the children. It’s been a challenge for them and they have overcome it. You can see how they’ve been able to use all they have learned in the classroom about persevering, determination, resilience and facing new challenges. When they come across something they just apply that here in the sailing. You can just see exactly how they do it. It’s fabulous!”
Sharon Lancaster Primary 6 Teacher, Chirnsyde Primary School

“Chatting to the parents, they were very vocal about the positive impact the programme has had on their children. Citing an improvement in confidence, more likely to try new things and some having more of an idea of what they want to do when they are older.”
Jonny Hall, Class Teacher, Kilcooley Primary, Bangor

“At the beginning of Buoyed Up the children were excited but apprehensive as well about what they were going to be doing. We started with research into the America’s Cup and Thomas Lipton, but the initial thought about getting into the water was terrifying for some children. Even though we live in a seaside town, many of the children haven’t spent any time near the water. However, by the end of their sailing week I couldn’t get over how much they enjoyed it. They are confident and knew all of the sailing terms. They didn’t want to get out of the water.”
David Girdlestone, Deputy Head Teacher, Sir Martin Frobisher Academy, Jaywick

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