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For most of the children on Buoyed Up, the whole idea of sailing is completely new. On day one, some are not sure at all about even getting in a dinghy, never mind steering it or controlling the sail. That’s where the role of the sailing instructors is vital. The instructors need to bring the right blend of safety and clear instruction, with fun and enthusiasm to the whole sailing experience. Their skill, guidance and encouragement helps to make sailing so memorable. By the end of a week of Buoyed Up sailing it’s not uncommon to see single-handed dinghy sailing, racing, capsizing competitions and jumping off the jetty.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for young people who wouldn’t normally get access to the club to take part. We are absolutely delighted to have the pupils here and we hope that some of them will come back.”
Martin Nicol Senior Instructor Clyde Cruising Club

“When the children first came for the sailing they were a little bit nervous. By the end of the week they had so much confidence on the water. It was really good to see the smiles on the faces when they were receiving their certificates. Fantastic!.”
Craig Bond, Senior Instructor, Brightlingsea Sailing Club

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