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“The pupils were fantastic and enthusiastic, and the teachers were clearly well prepared. Many congratulations to the Buoyed Up programme because it’s clearly having a great impact.”

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal, Strathclyde University

“Make it float. Make it stable. That’s the really key part of my job. So what I am going to show you today is how to test whether a ship is stable enough to go to sea”
Catriona, Naval Architect Lecturer, City of Glasgow College

“It was a fantastic experience for all of us to meet the pupils at St Monica’s. Hopefully they went away with some inspirations for the future, because they certainly inspired us! To all of those involved in Buoyed Up, it has been said, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!”
Katy Womersley, Manager of Clyde Marine Training

“I appreciated the obvious enjoyment and willingness to engage by the pupils in all activities. While the focus of interest was on the deck and engineering opportunities there is a vast number of other trades, not least catering, that can have seagoing options when passenger vessels are taken into account.

“It’s important that the more practical and less academic pupils don’t get the impression the MN is only for the “brainy” folk. Society has a place for us all to contribute as does the MN where the more adventurous get paid to see the world.” Captain Iain Campbell Marine Lecturer, City Of Glasgow College

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