When Thomas Lipton was a boy growing up in the Gorbals district of Glasgow in the 1850s he loved to be at the busy quays of the River Clyde where ships docked from all over the world. He bought himself a cheap map of the world and would spend hours tracing the voyages of the ships that arrived in Glasgow. An even better idea, he thought, was to construct his own model ship and to tell all of his friends on Crown Street about it. On what is now Glasgow Green, Tommy Lipton sailed his first yacht made out of the lid of an old wooden chest. Impressed and challenged, his friends made their own boats and they raced them in the giant holes on the Green made by brick-making operations that had filled up with water.

His friends started calling Tommy the Commodore.

He was their leader and together they were known as the Crown Street Clan.

Just as members of the Clan discovered something new and exciting and challenging through their friend, Tommy Lipton, so the friends and partners of the Sir Thomas Lipton Foundation can make many more discoveries through this special password-protected section of the website.

The Crown Street Clan will contain exclusive interviews, videos, blogs and stories as well as surprise features.

The Crown Street Clan will be live from January 2019.

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